The information on this page will tell you more about what your child will learn through our broad and balanced curriculum at Copthorne Community Infant School. Please click on the link below to view the foundation subject curriculum for each year group, if you have any questions regarding the curriculum please do not hesitate to speak to the class teacher.

Foundation Subject Overview - All Years

 Here at Copthorne we are proud to offer a wide range of experiences to every child in our school, from taking part in our WOW topic introduction day each term, to a beach day experience in the Summer. Please click the link below to read all about what makes our school special.

Key Experiences at Copthorne



At Copthorne we teach Phonics for 30 minutes from Monday - Thursday. Please click the link below to find out more about Phonics.

Phonics and Reading Statement


Extra Interventions

At Copthorne we have a wealth of knowledgeable and experienced members of staff who are able to offer a wide variety of support to our children.

Lego Therapy

Miss Roberts is trained to offer Lego therapy. Lego therapy includes activities with three children as the builder, supplier and engineer. This activity supports communication and language, fine motor skills as well as social skills.

Physical Literacy

Miss Roberts received Physical Literacy Training and has delivered this training to most of the staff. This is used as a physical intervention to support children with their gross motor skills. We use this throughout school to support children's co-ordination, plus it is great fun completing the different moves. 


Mrs Humphries is qualified to lead Talkboost. This is a support programme to develop children's communication and language skills in a wide range of activities.

Play Positive

Mrs Humphries delivers our Play Positive sessions. These sessions encourage children to playing positively whether this be with an adult, another child or a small group. This also allows children opportunity to discuss their worries and also support them with their positive behaviour through play.  

Behaviour Box

A range of staff have received training to deliver Behaviour Box sessions. These sessions offer children support in understanding and dealing with their emotions. It can also support children to discuss their wants and feelings. 


Mrs Barker and Mrs Fletcher have completed the Nuffield Early Language Programme. This supports children with a range of speech and language tasks supported by engaging resources. 


Miss Roberts and Mrs Allen are qualified to support children with Every Child a Talker. This is a weekly session to support children's early understanding and language skills through engaging practical tasks. 

Speech and Language Link

Mrs Allen and Mrs Doxey completed the induction into using Speech Link. Mrs Doxey leads the weekly intervention sessions which supports children with specific speech sounds. 

Memory Magic


Our curriculum is accessible for everyone. We are complying with the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs & Disability Act 2014