About Us

"At Copthorne Community Infant school our philosophy is one of outdoor and practical based learning. We aim to provide a nurturing, stimulating environment where teaching and learning reflects all children’s learning styles. We pride ourselves on providing an aspirational, creative, wide and valued curriculum for all children where achievement and success in all areas is celebrated."

The aims of our school are…

  • To value everyone as an individual and help them to recognise the positive contribution they can make to society.

  • To create a rich, stimulating environment which celebrates achievement.

  • To build children’s confidence and independence to help them to make the right choices.

  • To challenge and support all children to be aspirational so that they achieve their best and more.

  • To encourage children to develop caring, tolerant and responsible attitudes towards themselves and others.

  • To celebrate success in all its forms. 

We do have a paper copy of our school brochure in the office if you would prefer this, however, the information on our website is much more comprehensive and more regularly updated.