Sports Premium Funding

At present schools will continue to receive Government funding to improve participation and achievement in high quality physical education and sport in primary schools. At Copthorne Community Infant School this equates to approximately £8000 a year.

This funding is ring fenced and therefore can only be spent on PE and sport provision.

Through liaison with the School Sports partnership, we have continued to ‘buy in’ a specialist sports coach; Adam White. Adam spends one whole day per week working alongside class teachers teaching skills and techniques based on either Gymnastics or Games. He also provides an afterschool club where children are given the opportunity to further develop and consolidate their skills. The cost of this is approximately £6500.

The specialist sports teachers provide their weekly planning through the School Sports Website which all practitioners can access prior to lessons. They are also responsible, alongside class teachers, for evidencing individual children’s progress. This information is also accessible on the secure website.

Development in practice throughout the year will involve the coaches planning alongside class teachers, this will develop into a team teaching situation. Next steps will involve the Sports coaches observing teachers and providing developmental feedback in order to impact on practice in a sustainable way.

Please click on the link below to view our action plan for this academic year:

PE and Sports Premium Action Plan 2015/16

PE and Sports Premium Action Plan 2014/15